What’s Hoppin’ on Social Media in 2024?

Social media is like a fast-paced game of hopscotch—constantly changing and full of surprises. Keeping up with the latest trends across platforms is crucial for businesses aiming to hop ahead in the digital world. So, buckle up, hoppers, as we dive into the top social media trends for 2024!

1) Delegating Social Media Tasks to AI: The Rise of the Machines

Picture this: Marketers and business owners sipping coffee while AI whizzes away handling their social media tasks. According to a Hootsuite survey, 75% of social media marketers plan to let AI rewrite text in 2024. Move over ChatGPT, Copy.ai is the belle of the AI ball for generating content captions. With AI now mastering sales calls, soon they’ll be negotiating contracts too. Are you on the AI bandwagon or still stuck in the typewriter era?

2) TikTok Audiences Continue to Surge: The Dance of the Generations

Facebook’s popularity might be graying, but TikTok is the vibrant dance floor for those 25 and under. With only 18% of under-25s left on Facebook, TikTok’s Gen Z dominance is like a dance craze you can’t resist. Marketers are shifting their budgets, redirecting from TV ads to platforms like TikTok. Aging like fine wine is for bottles, not social media platforms—so if your audience is Gen Z, it’s time to bust a move on TikTok!

3) Social Media: The Customer Support Dance Floor

In a world where instant responses are the new currency, social media is the go-to place for customer support. However, only 50% of companies seem to have mastered the art. The Sprout Social Index shouts, “Engage or be forgotten!” AI-powered chatbots are the unsung heroes handling 24/7 customer support. What’s your business doing to keep up? Customer support via snail mail might not cut it in 2024!

4) Social Media: The King of Advertising with a Dash of Nano Fame

Move over, TV ads! Social media advertising is in a neck-and-neck race, making up 19% of business ad spend. Meta and ByteDance are the rulers, predicted to claim 25% of global ad revenue. Influencer marketing is evolving, with micro and nano influencers stealing the spotlight. Big-name celebs are so last season; authentic connections with smaller influencers are the real deal. TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are the influencer marketing trinity. Ready for the influencer revolution?

5) Video Content: The Short & Sweet Storytelling Marathon

In the world of social media, video content is the undisputed king—no arguments allowed. Attention spans are shorter than a cat video, with 75% of users skipping after 3-4 seconds. Short-form videos (15-30 seconds) are the rulers, but users also enjoy a good story told in parts. Longer videos? Stressful! So, how’s your business narrating its tale in 2024?

In Conclusion:

Well, folks, that was a rollercoaster through the trends of 2024! No big surprises, but it’s a gentle reminder to understand your audience. Know who they are, what they want, and how they want to engage. Being a business people want to hop along with on social media is the secret sauce to your success.

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